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to Sail Sabang 2017

It is really time for our maritime to shine!

Welcome to Sail Sabang. This is the 9th Legs of Sail Indonesia series, which began in Manado, North Sulawesi Indonesia in 2009. Sail Indonesia is our way to appreciate our identity as a maritime nation and at the same time promote a sense of nation belonging that we are a nation of the sea. Of course, all visitors no matter where they are from are welcome to enjoy, nurture and share our maritime beauties and tropical paradise.

This country has over 17 thousand islands nestled between two great oceans; the Pacific and Indian oceans. It stretches over 5 thousand kilometers from Sabang to Merauke in Papua. The island of Sabang is the kilometer zero of Indonesian archipelago and is the globally strategic waterways of Malacca Straits.


Sail Sabang 2017 will start on 28 November until 5 December 2017, and we have lots to offer for you to experience. Logon to… Sabang World Underwater Photo Contest and Indonesia World Free Diving Championship and schedule your trips and arrival accordingly. Yachters are granted One Stop CIQP and eased entry to the island. Bring your family and friends too and indulge yourself in the best of Indonesia’s west ever to offer.

Welcome to Sail Sabang 2017, and we look forward to having you all soon.


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Dr. Ir. Dwisuryo Indroyono Soesilo, M. Sc.

Committee Chief Sail Sabang 2017

About Sail Sabang


This is the 9th series of Sail Indonesia event, first launched in Bunaken Manado in 2009. Sabang is the kilometer zero of the western tip of Indonesia. The archipelago spans over 5000 km equal distance from Sweden to Vladivostok. According to Mr. Reza Pahlevi, Head of Culture and Tourism for Aceh the local government has already made some early preparations for the event, namely building a new hotel with media Group and collaborate with Inna Group to manage several tourists spots as well as promoting Sail Sabang 2017 through foreign media.

Other than Sail Sabang, there will be Sabang Wonderful Expo and Marine Expo which will be held in conjuction with Sabang Expo. This event will feeature Aceh arts and cultural festival, parachute championship, international aerobatic show and diving competition amongst others.

There are two main routes in order to participate in Sail Sabang 2017. Each route is handled by professional sailing event coordinator who has full experience in managing each participant’s needs from start to finish, including settlement for all necessary paperwork when entering Indonesian waters and custom regulations. Each participant must comply the CIQP (Customs, Immigrations, Quarantine and Port Authority) regulations and all necessary forms are available to be downloaded on the given links.

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