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Alas River

Alas River flows directly into the Indian Ocean; it has exceptional rapids that attract whitewater rafting enthusiasts for all over the world.

Situated at 165 km southeast from Takengon, Alas River cuts through Mount Leuser National Park. This area is especially popular among the young and adventurous. The sharp bends and many rapids are challenging to white-water rafters.

The accomodation consists of several wooden lodges on stilts, accommodating two persons each, mosquito dome for two persons. Each lodge with spacious single room and balcony. The rates are:

Accomodation only: Rp70,000/person/night• Dinner: Rp30,000/person. Breakfast: Rp15,000,-/personThere’s fresh water for shower from nearby passing jungle-creek, and a shared bathroom and toilet. Be advised that there’s no electricity since Kedah Rainforest Lodge supports Eco-tourism, therefore they do not run generators.But if you’re also interested in exploring Bukit Lawang, you can find other accomodations there which are run by the local citizens. Some of whom are originally foreign visitors who decided to stay.

The rainforest travel tips below are taken from Kedah Rainforest Lodge’s site.
• 1 Large backpack.
• 1 Small daypack.
• Waterproofed ziplock bag for personal belongings, documents, camera.

Clothing / Footwear
Recommended clothing/footwear for trekking and expeditions, quantities are based on a five-day trip.
• 1 Cotton sweater.
• 1 Lightweight fleece shirt.
• 1 Heavy fleece shirt for trekking higher than 2.500m.
• 3 Cotton T-shirts.
• 5 Pairs cotton underwear.
• 1 Pair of cotton socks for each day in the rainforest.
• 3 Pairs of ducks or cargo cotton trousers, with several pockets and zippers.
• 1 Pair shorts.
• 1 Broad rimmed hat.
• 1 Pair laced boots or trail boots, preferably for desert walking, light-weight but comfortable, (quick drying. Garmont Tenere or similar).
• 1 Pair running shoes.
• Do not bring rubber boots, since they are absolutely useless.

What To Bring
• 1 Sleeping bag.
• Camera with loaded spare accus and sufficient disc.
• 1 Torch with batteries.
• 1 Binocular.
• Tents and mosquito domes are provided by Kedah Rainforest Lodges.

Health / Medicine
• Sun protection cream.
• Anti Diarrhoea medicine.
• Malaria pills.
• Insect repellent.
• De-hydration salt.
• Anti Flu medicine.
• Antibiotic.
• You should have valid Tetanus vaccination.

We do not recommend precaution against Malaria, nevertheless you should contact your doctor regarding precaution or possible medication in case of infection.

You should make sure with your health and life-insurance providers, that they cover risks like jungle-trekking, especially on Sumatra.

Visa on arrival available (VoA) in Medan Airport or any other Indonesian international airport.
Maximum validity: 30 days
Costs: US$25 (money should be carried ready in new and unspoilt banknotes)
Validity of Passport: Minimum 6 month from date of arrival in Indonesia

In Jakarta, Medan, Banda Aceh there are ATM machines. With mastercard or similar cards you can cash money or exchange foreign currency into Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). Please be aware, that banks or money changers prefer and accept mainly new and unspoilt foreign banknotes.

In Blankenjeren, Kutacane, Gunung-Leuser-Area you only can pay with IDR, exchange of foreign currency is not possible or not recommended due to bad exchange rates.

Kedah Rainforest Lodge provides the accommodation, meals, and travel packages, including rafting adventures.

Home page:
International Call: 0819-7392 2616, six hours time difference to Europe
National Call: 0812 699 2732

How to find the lodge is explained in meticulous details in their website, complete with maps and schedules.